Custom Bobble Heads India


Brings simle on your face

Bobble head, which is assumed to be 1st handmade in 1760’s must be the oldest fantasy which is famous in 21st century too. Chinese nodding-head figures are documented in England and continental Europe and also portrait depicting Queen Charlotte in her dressing room at Buckingha Palace painted in 1765 shows two such figures inthe background. The popularity of bobble head is centuries old.

The first paper made and ceramic generic and player specific bobble head were made in 1960’s. They were mostly made for sport personalities and later on became famous among everyone. It is still a valuable collectible today!
Infact Guiness Book of world record for largest bobblehead was set for a bobblehead in the the likeness of TV show host Chuck Woolery. The bobblehead weighed 900 pounds, was 11feet tall and was originally displayed at the McComick Place, Chicago, Illinois

We at Next2future bringing the same old famous head nodding bobblehead , but using latest technology of 3D printing.