Q:Any restriction on my choice of poses for the figurine?
A: Not really, you can opt for any pose. Nevertheless, the limitations are due to nature of small scale detailing, like spread fingers or stands of hair or little bit related to the cloth texture. Bot, no worries, our engineers will take care while post processing.

Q:What is the type of material used for the figurine & how does the surface feels like?
A:The material is a high performance composite powder, which is processed layer by layer into a figurine, surface of which feels like a nice clay-like ,valuable surface structure.

Q:What about the stability & age of the figurine?
A:You have to take care of your miniature just like, you take care of any of your valuable masterpiece. The figurine are made up of multi color 3D printing technology. The structure should be not be kept over 60 deg C, no water,strong humidity & direct sunlight . These may harm the surface of the figurine & colors may fade under such circumstances.

Q:Am I required to come to the studio personally or can share my pictures?
A: No, pictures will not help us to create your figurine. You have to come personally to our studio.

Q:Can I order for the reprint of my figurine?
A:Yes, we will keep the digital data of your figurine in our archive for 5 years.