Printify 3d
Printify 3D
Think – See and Print in 3D

Next2future can very easily & accurately converts your 2D digital data into 3D model through Additive manufacturing or 3D printing. The final output will be the exact replica of your 2D data with the same colors & features. You can send us your 3D file or prototype made in-house for 3D print. Our 3D printing service bureau includes ABS, color sandstone, monocolor SLS and SLA, 3D metal printing. The 3D printed prototype will make your design more realistic in front of to your customer, & also a cost effective solution for yourself.3D technology can be used in various fields.


This will include all the 2D data of bridges , maps, commercial/residential/industrial/hospitality projects.


This exoskeleton cast is a light weight but strong, washable & ventilated, so no itching, unlike in conventional plaster
casting One of the advantage of 3D technology in Medical & there are many more.

Rapid prototype

We can make prototype of anything you can think of.


3D technology can do the reincarnation of our historical sculptures & statues.


3D technology can create unique and personalized accessories to match with your outfit and the occasion.

Note:- Different material is used to produce every 3D print as per the requirement of the customer.