Make memoir of your precious memories

Have you ever imagined a lifelike miniature version of yourself in your hands?

Through state-of-the art body scanning and 3D color printing technology, we've made it possible to create stunningly life-like 3D selfies/figurines of you and your loved ones. Customized and personalized 3D product – Your own TwinMe™ . Click here to know more.

Crayon 3D
Give life form to your child’s imagination

Have you ever thought, how imaginative a child’s brain can be???
They live in a world of fantasy in their early age & express those imaginations, dreams , fantasies on the walls of their room or on a piece of paper through their crayons or a simple pencil. Our design team can give virtual life to their creations for you to keep their 3D design in your workplace or home. Click here to know more .
3d printing services

Printify 3D
Think – See and Print in 3D

3d figurine Next2future can accurately convert your 2D digital data into 3D model through 3D printing. The final output will be an exact replica of your 2D data with the same color & features. You can send us your 3D file or prototype made in-house for 3D print . Our 3D printing service bureau includes ABS, color sandstone , nylon polymer , resins and 3D metal printing Click here to know more.

Shopify 3D
where concepts are shaped to reality

Next2future has expertise in creating customized products through 3D printing. We enable our customers to have unique product , accessories, home décor items, personalized and corporate gifts and so on. Click here to know more. Realistic figurines

Brings simle on your face

Bobble head, which is assumed to be 1st handmade in 1760’s must be the oldest fantasy which is famous in 21st century too.

Chinese nodding-head figures are documented in England and continental Europe and also portrait depicting Queen Charlotte in her dressing room at Buckingha Palace painted in 1765 shows two such figures in the background. The popularity of bobble head is centuries old. Click here to know more.