Printify 3d

Mesh clean-up of scanned data

You can send us your scanned data in .obj format along with the photographs of the person /object . We will send you back a referable accurate file which is ready – to – print file . .

3D Modelling from photographs

3D Modelling from photographs for those special occasions or surprises. Send us high resolution full body pictures taken from front , side and back . We will deliver the 3D mini replica to you within 15 days.

Modeling of bobble heads

Send us high resolution pictures of the face from front,side and back and select the body from our library.
Now Relax!!!
The bobble head will be delivered to you soon…..


Send us your scan data for any kind of modelling, re-engineering, re-designing, concept designing, etc.
We have experts for every kind of job.